The Baddest, Funniest, Most Unapologetic Comic Series Ever Created!

Assholios is an insanely funny, 'horror-bly' original comic book, comprised from the foul-mouthed humour of Superbad and raucous attitude of Gremlins to create a wacky, horrific circus of chaos!



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Wildest Cast Ever Assembled!

Dive into a realm filled with outrageous characters that'll leave you craving more. Each page introduces you to a wild, unique cast unlike any you've seen before.


Your Villains...

Dr. Evol Koont

Dr Evol Koont is a doctor from the grimmest half of the dark side. He has worked for Clonia, as a trusted colleague to Dr Wise and a right-hand man to Tho Vile.

Tho Vile

Tho Vile is the mastermind of Clonia. The executive director, with many facets to his character, some of them charming, some fierce, all utterly ruthless. 

Agent Cobra & Threat Finder

If seduction had a face and  brutality a body, Agent Cobra & Threat Finder would be it. A mix of femme fatal, special agent and dominatrix, Cobra makes Jessica Rabbit look like a nun. 

Your Heroes...


Dr. Abraham Wise

Dr Abraham Wise is a scientific genius with the brain of a supercomputer and the sexual imagination of a frustrated teenager.

Fletcher Bing

In a story full of abnormal people and extraordinary creatures, Fletcher Bing is a rare moment of ‘normality’.

Punk Ass

Punk Ass is the closest thing Assholios will ever have to a half-brother. Created by Dr Wise through a mix of his own human DNA, and a mysterious alien donation.


Wise Ass, Bad Ass, Big Ass, Smart Ass, Mean Ass, The Assian, Freak Ass, Ass Chilles, and Dumb Ass. As a group, they’re as wild and mad as they sound. The creations of a fevered mind from a planet not nearly far enough away. These asses on legs make the 80's Gremlins look like innocent little choir boys!

More Than a Comic, It's a Rebellion!

Join this creative revolution and let us blow your mind by making the sort of rebellious series you've always wanted to read. Where good becomes superbad, and fights evil!         Where all the jokes you were ever warned not to laugh at arrive one after the other. Where nothing, and we mean nothing, is off limits!


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Experience it Your Way!

Whether you're a fan of traditional physical comic books or prefer the convenience of digital eBooks with innovative guided view, Assholios has you covered. Enjoy the madness in your preferred format!

Save More Than 35%

Secure your spot with a $1 deposit and guarantee your access to our exclusive discount. Get our VIP Assholios package for just $29, marked down from the MSRP of $45.